Tree Drops

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12 thoughts on “Tree Drops

  1. Somehow I imagine that the photos don’t quite capture how magical this really was.

  2. So beautiful!! I love it! In a word: GENIUS!!!

  3. You work always makes me smile.
    🙂 <—- a proof!

  4. Thank you for the smile!

  5. a lovely idea! your works always make me smile and give me inspiration! 🙂
    also the nature looks fabulous!!! 🙂

  6. BW Finley on said:

    Forty seven years ago my husband and I found a large bare tree branch in the woods across from our apt. and put it in a large glass container with rocks to anchor and I hung it with ornaments from a chandelier I had picked up from a flea market. We set it on a shelf of our entertainment center that backed large glass patio doors and it was lovely. We did this partly because of finances and also due to the fact our first child was a crawling one year old. I am an artist so maybe we think along the same lines? Anyway, it is so cheering to see the idea almost 50 years later. I always enjoy your art, Brittany. I heard and saw your slide lecture at OSU and wonder if you’ve attempted any more portraits.

    • I’m so happy to hear about your memory–it sounds like something that one would see in an interior design magazine these days.

      Hmm, I’m trying to recall what portraits you’re referring to. The food portraits, maybe?

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