Paper Wardrobe

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14 thoughts on “Paper Wardrobe

  1. I particularly like the way the dog is accessorized in a coordinating look.

  2. thanks for this wonderful work. I gave it a post on my art teacher’s journal. See it on


  3. etta tron on said:

    wonderful! did you do your nails especially for the ring shot? they look perfect.

  4. Rita on said:

    Love ’em. Even Gretta’s got a brand new collar! 🙂

  5. So, so cute! The belt on the dress…the dog collar…all so perfect!

  6. How inventive and beautiful design! Great alternative if I don’t have time for sewing 😉

  7. Reblogged this on buru beru and commented:
    Was für eine tolle Idee und so schön umgesetzt sogar mit passenden Accessoires für Frauchen und Hund 😉 Stop sewing and start packing.

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