Gourmet Lunchables

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16 thoughts on “Gourmet Lunchables

  1. Soo cool! I love it! I think I will do something similar for my friends. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. These are super cute!

  3. BW Finley on said:

    Yum! Makes peanut butter hang its head.

  4. Luella on said:

    So true!

  5. Ah, classy snacks! I especially love the fig in the Italian one, it’s a perfect fit

    • You just pumped up my pride because you mentioned the fig. Get this–that’s from my own little fig tree. It just started producing fruit this year, and that’s probably the 7th fig ever. It is an Italian variety, too.

  6. Brilliant! If only these were real…

  7. lulu on said:

    I would definitely buy these if someone marketed them! Love the french one 🙂

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