Oregon State Symbols Quilt

oregon state symbols quilt


oregon state mushroom and motto


oregon state animal and insect

oregon state tree and crustacean


oregon state nut and rock

oregon state beverage and bird

oregon state dance and fish

oregon state flower and shell

oregon state gemstone and fruit

oregon quilt embrodery

oregon quilt embrodery

western meadowlark embroidery

oregon state motto embrodery

oregon grape embroidery

oregon quilt back



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8 thoughts on “Oregon State Symbols Quilt

  1. Christine on said:

    What are you going to do with this? I hope it becomes a family treasure!

  2. Rita Powell on said:

    I don’t think I knew you’d finished this! Nice job – they’re really good.

    I love you, xoxo Mom

  3. Josephine Tomato on said:

    If you continue projects like this, you will need to rename your blog

  4. Love it so much!! This is my dream quilt – I am showing it to my sons tonight, who I know will love it as well – they have been memorizing state facts, and of course Oregon is the favorite. Because we’re from here. And also because it’s the best. I wish I could quilt!

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