Native Dress

Animals with designs inspired by textile patterns from their native lands.

indian hog deer

Indian Hog Deer, India

rothschild's giraffe

Rothschild’s Giraffe, Uganda


Panda, China

asian elephant

Asian Elephant, Thailand

african elephant

African Elephant, Mali

polar bear

Polar Bear, Norway

shetland pony

Shetland Pony, Fair Isle, Scotland


Narwhal, Greenland

magellanic penguin

Magellanic Penguin, Argentina


Moose, Canada

japanese macaque

Japanese Macaque, Japan

three-toed sloth

Three-Toed Sloth, Panama


Coral, Australia

white rhino

White Rhinoceros, South Africa

chilean flamingo

Chilean Flamingo, Chile

northern tamandua

Northern Tamandua, Mexico

north american beaver

North American Beaver, USA

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19 thoughts on “Native Dress

  1. I reckon this is your most outstanding project to date=]

  2. I still want the macaque! I love him.

  3. the coral is my favorite! simplistic yet beautiful.

  4. Bea Parich on said:

    Great job Britt… These are so unique and lovelt

  5. absolutely beautiful

  6. Beautiful! What talent and creativeness. Thank you.

  7. i’d love to discuss commissioning a piece from you or seeing any available art (preferably larger pieces) you would be interested in selling. do you have a separate site or can i email direct? thanks

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  9. Any chance you’re selling prints of these?

  10. These are absolutely lovely. The collection would make a great set of blank cards….:)

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