Pretty Strong Language

darn  shoot

shut the front door

holy moly



stinker bug

that's freakin' cool

mother hugger

son of a gun  what the heck


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4 thoughts on “Pretty Strong Language

  1. First low commitment in all the years I have been subscribed that I haven’t saved; not up to “our” standards.

  2. Not sure what this person means by standards but I suppose everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I’ll share mine as well.. Just formally, the calligraphy is quite beautiful (obviously this is part of the point / prettying up something that is ‘dirty’). I found my reaction to reading the euphemism vs. the ‘strong’ original language gave me a little cringe. I think that is really interesting. It is an obvious thing that when we say shoot, it is a cleaner version of shit, but simply putting that out there visually and bluntly gives this visceral reaction. It is sort of the opposite approach to the “Ceci n’est pas une pipe / this is not a pipe” with an image of a pipe… You simply and visually pointed out the obvious and were able to provide this reaction. I don’t think that is as easy as you made it seem and I think it was a good visual experiment. My favorite aspect of this blog is the way you two execute ideas that might otherwise be lost for any kind of excuse. Creativity is not just the idea but daring to execute the idea. I really admire you guys for continuing to do that every week.

    • Thank you for that response. The ideas that pop into my head aren’t always appropriate, and I took a chance knowing that not everyone would understand. I recently took a calligraphy class and everything I saw was sweet, pretty, innocent. The style of writing I learned is usually reserved for wedding invitations and friendly letters, but what if it wasn’t so nice? It made me cringe to write such things, and I kind of like that it elicits a similar reaction for the viewer. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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