Oregon Flag Tote Bags

oregon flag tote

This project was a case of me wanting a product that didn’t exist.  I’ve been daydreaming of an Oregon flag tote bag for years, and when I finally decided to make it a reality, I thought other people might like them too.

The state of Oregon boasts the only two-sided flag in the U.S.  The front bears the state seal and the back is arguably the cutest flag image ever:  a beaver, which is our state animal.

I simplified the imagery just a little, then my friend screen-printed the totes for me.  Just like the flag, one side shows the state seal and the text, “State of Oregon, 1859,” and the reverse side is graced with a beaver on a log.

If you want an Oregon Flag Tote Bag for yourself, they’re in our shop.

oregon flag tote beaver

oregon flag tote from above

oregon flag tote

oregon flag tote bag in hand

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6 thoughts on “Oregon Flag Tote Bags

  1. oh wow, these are nice!

  2. yes, yes I do want them! I also want those red shoes – are they in the shop? 🙂

  3. Are these still available?

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