The Plan for 2015

We’re going to give this another go for 2015.  Every Monday we’ll bring you a new project.  We may mix things up a little this year–we’ll actually show you some Tae-and-Brittany collaborations.

What do you think?  Let us know.

(First project of 2015 will follow in a few minutes)

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15 thoughts on “The Plan for 2015

  1. Do keep up at the delightful work that low commitment projects – I love it when it pops up on my feed reader every Monday!

  2. yeah! i love your projects. it’s a great, inspirational start into every week!

  3. You are the only blog that I have NOT unsubscribed from … It is delightful.

    • Thanks–we aren’t always sure we’re making stuff that people are still interested in looking at. I don’t think we’d stop making things (or alter what we’re making), but we’ve wondered if we should continue to post it.

  4. BW Finley on said:

    Right on!

  5. I’ve been following your projects for a long time now. Perhaps this is the year where you ask for some interaction a la the art assignment.
    Low commitment and internet users are perfect bedmates.

  6. Please, please continue!!!

  7. Jessica on said:

    Please continue. I may not ever respond, but I love getting these in my email (and on instagram). And my friends love the ones I share. (current fave: Lemon Oreo, I’d buy a print of it…)

    • Thank you so much for the support. We’re definitely going to wind down the “once a week” part of the project after this year (we’re exhausted!), but we may do something with the site after that.

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