MS Paint Greeting Cards

feel better soon ms paint greeting card

This is one of the more useful Low-Commitment Projects I’ve offered.  It is a series of e-cards I created in MS Paint.  Feel free to copy and send these cards to your loved ones.  You can either pass them off as your shoddy/charming drawings or as mine.  Go ahead.  Do it.

happy birthday ms paint greeting card

valentine's ms paint greeting card

thanks a heap ms paint greeting card

xmas eve ms paint greeting card

happy things of the season ms paint greeting card

Note:  the above card is the first one I created, so I thought its inclusion would be useful to see just how much progress is possible with practice (how much?  not a ton.).  It depicts either a guinea pig or a yam.


pickles ms paint greeting card

The Pickles card is for that wacky friend or random situation when no other option will work.

happy mother's day ms paint greeting card

happy father's day ms paint greeting card

congratulations ms paint greeting card

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2 thoughts on “MS Paint Greeting Cards

  1. BW Finley on said:

    How fun!!

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