bobland sign

This week, we’re sharing (old, crappy) photos from our first collaboration together, Bobland.  When we started grad school at CCA (CCAC back then) in 2002, we were randomly paired for our first, and only, assignment.  We were instructed to create the work of a third artist, i.e. nothing Tae would make and nothing Brittany would make.

We first conjured our artist, Bob.  He lived in Florida, along a route frequented by Disney World visitors.  In an effort to counteract Disney consumerism and to honor the ordinary lives of his fellow hard-working citizens, he installed an alternative theme park in his trailer park yard:  Bobland.  Passers-by could stop and take photos of themselves posing as one of his acquaintances.  They could choose from three cannery workers, a stripper, or a secretary.

There were two polaroid cameras in Bobland, and if people wished, they could leave their photos on the wall.

bobland table

bobland camera table

bobland stripper

bobland cannery

bobland cannery back

bobland secretary

bobland secretary back

bobland photos

Below are a few of our favorite polaroids.

bobland stripper polaroids

bobland cannery polaroids

bobland secretary polaroids

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