Update for 2016:  we’re continuing our every Monday morning project schedule this year, but 2016 will be our final one for Low-Commitment Projects.
Update for 2014 (and now 2015):  aaaaand we’re back.  We return to our once-a-week schedule this year, so watch out every Monday morning for a new post.


Update for 2013:  we’re moving on, sort of.  This year, we will post one somewhat higher-commitment project on the final Monday of each month.   These projects will still be experimental, but bigger, more fully realized, or possibly part of a larger body of work.

One project each and every Monday morning of 2012.  Alternating brittany-tae-brittany-tae. During art school, our studios were connected by an open doorway.  We started as strangers, but for the first (and only) assignment of the two-year program, our instructor paired us together.  So began a back-and-forth of materials, ideas, and foods. Since school, we’ve both returned to our home states.  Hawaii and Oregon aren’t exactly connected by a teletransporter, so it is hard to keep up the co-generation of ideas.  That’s where Low-Commitment Projects comes in. Low-Commitment Projects provides us a chance to share concepts and schemes without a huge outlay of time, energy, or money.  These ventures are like the materialization of mental sketches; there’s minimal risk because they’re quick. xoxo tae kitakata and brittany powell

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  1. Garry Kaaihue on said:

    I like the concept. It’s quite thought provoking and invokes a challenging sense of presentation.

  2. I saw your sandwich on the swissmiss blog – I love it! I’m excited to continue checking in!

    love & rockets,


  3. i love this idea. and am jealous that i cannot be a part of it! even though i dont know you guys at all. art is fun.

  4. I am actually trying a variation of this with my Architecture graduate friends (LA-NY-Paris), but it’s proving quite difficult not only with distance/communication but the nature of our design projects leaning more on the long-term, high commitment spectrum!

    This concept is definitely inspirational, good luck and hope to see more fun stuff!


  5. Just subscribed. Wish I thought of the blog name first 😉

  6. this is great, its fabulous to see you guys keeping up a correspondence after school, wich as all artists know is a difficult thing. Keep up the good work!

  7. This is such a great idea. I share a blog with my best friend and this is where we share what inspires us.

  8. Really liking this blog. So far, so good. Just subscribed to the feed…

  9. shafik on said:

    beautiful beautiful concept.
    love what i’ve seen so far; already relegating you to quick-access-bookmark status. 🙂

  10. Quick-access-bookmark status? Yesssss. Fist pump.

  11. This is stellar. Keep it up =)

  12. I love this idea. It’s great for those of us who have very little space to work with. I also tend to skip around from project to project, so this is a great way to have something completed and not have to work on it for day or weeks.

  13. nancie on said:

    I can’t wait for more—no pressure.

  14. wow, such a new blog and so many links already. well done. it’s especially beautiful. I love love love the mondrian sandwich. well done guys, I’ll be back!

  15. WAIT! There are only 3 projects so far?? NO! There must have been more Mondays so far! I am already obsessed with all three projects!!! So funny, so inspiring, so beautiful. I love it. Collaborating with friends is the best gift in the world, especially for getting stuff actually finished. I can’t wait for MONDAY! Hey, it’s manyana! YAY, MC

  16. Eek–Monday is tomorrow, isn’t it? Yes, we keep each other on track.

  17. bonnie h. on said:

    loved all the projects! looking forward to future ones

    can interested readers participate too? 🙂

  18. Hi Tae and Brittany,

    We placed work from you on our blog and thought we just should let you know.
    You can find it over here:

    Keep up the good work!

    If you like to send us new stuff/projects/updates, keep us posted!
    If you like to stay in touch with us you can find us here:



    Guido de Boer
    on behalf of


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  20. I just ran across your blog, and I’m totally in love with both the projects and the concept! I’ve never had any art training, but I’m trying to be more creative in my life–and this has made me think I should find someone to be creative with. Thanks for a lovely blog!

  21. such a smart idea. good way to stay close with artist friends and make fun, inexpensive art. way to go you two! i’m excited to see more 😀

  22. I love this project! Would it be okay if I featured this project on my blog? http://inadvertentlyart.blogspot.com/

    Let me know thanks!

  23. What a fantasticand inspiring idea. Good luck and thank you for givingme somethingtolook forward to every monday. Mark (NZ)

  24. Found you through Pee-Wee Herman… So glad I did! Good luck, & can’t wait to see whatever comes next!

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  26. I ADORE this. If you are ever taking contributions… 🙂

  27. Susan Gee on said:

    Please have a pinterest link- I would click “Follow All” for your boards!

  28. What a great project!! I can’t wait to see what both of you come up with next! Also, I would love to feature this project on my blog – ourhouseofsunshine.blogspot.com. Let me know if that will be ok.

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  30. Wish more artists post-art school were so diligent. Can’t wait to see all 52 weeks. Bravo!

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  32. what a frigging awesome blog guys! i’m definitely inspired to write something with my cups when pouring drinks! can’t wait to see your next project. good luck with it all and I hope you get through all 52 unscathed! would you mind if i featured you on my blog? http://www.grandpamanscamera.bogspot.com


  33. Nice blog

  34. Smart and fun, congratulations.

  35. Jessica on said:

    Would love to be emailed updates of new posts!

  36. Hello guys! i did write a couple of days ago asking if it was ok to post your projects on my blog… but i have no idea where my comment has gone – hope you don’t mind, but i’ve just posted about you! thanks for your inspiration!

  37. Very clever idea to share between friends throughout twenty-twelve!

  38. Love it!

  39. I’m sincerely impressed so far. Keep it up!

  40. Loved your concept… I will be following you from Copenhagen 🙂
    Congratulations and keep up with your nice work!
    May I refer you and use some of your pictures in my portuguese blog (allways mentioning you and your page of course)?!

  41. This is awesome, from the name of your blog to the concepts each Monday. I’ll definitely visit every week.

  42. love the concept and the work. fun and inspiring.

  43. IpunAngie on said:

    dear both
    Just the name lf your blog is awesome!
    And the content is brilliant a well 🙂
    Keep going!
    And thanks for the work and the smile I get everytime i look at it 😀
    Cheers from Paris
    PS: don’t you have a Twitter account?

  44. LOVE the concept !!

  45. Fab and fun!

  46. what do you think about this http://www.mypizzart.it ? could it match your target?…… best greetings from Italy

  47. Brooke Andersen on said:

    Love your sandwich art! Would love to share on the evian water Facebook page at Facebook.com/evian. Do you have a Facebook page we can link to? Thanks!

  48. Jocelyn W on said:

    Do you sell prints of the “Sandwich artist” prints? Would love to get my hands on them! 😀

  49. Hi! I found about your project in a 2012 retrospective and thought it was very creative and a proof of friendship too! I made a post on my website this sunday, 13th of january. Let us know if you do something together. I would like to know : Tae Kitakata, do you have a personal website? Have a good new year!

  50. I do love the stuff that you do – it makes me smile and gets me thinking 😀

  51. Hi. I like your site. I would write more, but I don’t have any energy.

  52. I previously liked your site, but now I am unsure about that, because I am Low Commitment.

  53. Hey! I have some extra energy – what should I do? Should I commit?

  54. Wouldn’t ya know it. I ran out of energy. I’ll try to do a low energy project, but I am not sure. I live in San Diego.

  55. Wow, I just partially-committed, and I have to tell you it feels great! Low-commitment of course.

  56. Dave on said:

    Ah it is so refreshing to find a low-commitment site… I am just so low on commitement. Thanks

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