Sandwich Artist

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282 thoughts on “Sandwich Artist

  1. this is pretty delicious

  2. Mondrian, no Jackson. Wait. . . what’s behind the plain white wrapper.

  3. Awesome. R Mutt… heh

  4. love the mondrian!

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  8. you are a genius! i love this and wish i had thought of it myself. also, i am very curious to taste the different sandwiches.

  9. Brilliant….

    I could just see these in a fancy london sandwich shop – costing a fortune of course!

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  18. Mondrian is my favorite artist! great idea, had to share on my blog

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  24. There should be an Albers sandwich!

  25. girlfromhaiti on said:

    Looks yummy!

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  27. This is great and there are so many possibilities from an Eva Hesse sandwich in an old shopping bag to a Liza Lou sandwich made of glass beads (actually I think she did that). And who needs a George Foreman Grill, I am sure Richard Serra could come up with a sandwich grill. And then there is the Chaim Soutine Corned Beef on Rye. Just leave it sitting on the counter for a few weeks and it’ll de done.

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  35. Love the playfulness of the idea, and of course love Mondrian. And Rothko. Great job.

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  37. I loved your ideia! I will try to do in my today’s lunch.

  38. brilliant! maybe a calendar in the works?!

  39. sandwich on said:

    a sandwich in a urinal is needed

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  41. You deserve a MacArthur.

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  46. Suplisson on said:

    À table

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  52. Reblogged this on MHB and commented:
    Love this.

  53. This is just brilliant.

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  59. Back in the “day”, I used to decorate cakes based on art inspirations. These are outstanding.

  60. very cool, presentation is everything! bill from , thanks Nicki

  61. I saw this on Huffington Post, I think.
    I could eat a cheese sammich with mustard any day. Any day. Don’t know why it’s so satisfying.

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  64. I really love this! Also… I love the collaboration.

  65. Clever. My favorite is the top one! 🙂

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  68. jafagirls on said:

    ha ha, I love it, and your blog title.

  69. I love it. A treat to look at.

  70. четко!
    Кандинский еба!

  71. B. McDonald on said:

    I want to know what they are made out of…especially the Mondrian!

    How to please?

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  74. Francesca on said:

    Artefice , artista d’Emozioni !! Grazie.

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  76. That’s a great idea!!!! Especially the Mondrian !!!

  77. Reblogged this on esszimmer and commented:
    Essen ist Kunst, on so many levels 🙂

  78. This is one of the kind ~

  79. I love it, and I had to reblog it 🙂 ( hope you don’t mind)

  80. you have achieved the trifecta: art, comedy and sandwich (my version of George Costanza’s trifecta that is)

  81. wait, wait, wait! It’s gorgeous and edible?? perfection.

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  87. Yes, without food, there isn’t human art work! I do it also and I love it (but I make food alive) ! It’s a small ritual to thanks our Mother of all of us : Earth! 🙂
    Good work

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  89. awesome, just awesome.

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  91. Looks like Mondrian, but he didn’t use the colour “Green”.

  92. Love the christo and duchamp!

  93. Linkismyhero on said:

    This is extordinary! More! More! 😀

  94. And they call employees at subway sandwich artist yeah right! “Yeah I’ll have the Schaggal on rye please!”….

  95. edible art, about time

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  97. This is gorgeous! And I love the title of your blog.

  98. Awesome! Very neat. I am going to link to this and share it with my art appreciation class!

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  100. Travis on said:

    Cheese Rothko?

  101. Yes please, I would love a piece … !

  102. K. Smith on said:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for an amazing eye n imagination.

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  104. What an amazing idea & project you two have got going here.
    I’m really enjoying the ideas you’re sharing, very inspiring!

  105. I love it wonderful results Cheers Audax

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  107. larry camp on said:

    I love em

  108. Audrey Ann on said:

    these are really cool! you should make a warhol sandwich

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  113. perfect breakfast for art lovers on a Monday – museums are closed 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  114. Reblogged this on buru beru and commented:
    Breakfast for artlovers – oder warum Butterbrot nicht langweilig sein muss!

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  116. Oh my word, you are a genius! These sandwiches definitely made me smile – thank you!

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  118. Margy Rydzynski on said:

    Reblogged this on Collectables and commented:
    Way too good not to follow!

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  124. love and cupcakes on said:

    These are outstanding!

  125. Love this food. A Mark Rothko sammich. Who’d a thunk? We have a Cuban Restaurant near Baltimore, Havana Road Cuban CAfe. My chef will have to make an Eduardo Munoz Bachs sandwich.

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  127. actorsdiet on said:

    cool! and yum…

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  131. Love these so much, especially the Hirst and Duchamp!

  132. Susan W on said:

    I’ll take a Klimt to go — and make it a meal…

    Very cool art/food/art

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  134. LOVE this. I now will refuse all sandwiches which aren’t also works of art!

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  142. A Judy Chicago sandwich would be great. I suggest two slices of tomato next to each other and one green olive, plus two slices of black olive arranged down the center. Probably white bread for the highest contrast. A dark brown earthenware platter to serve it on.

  143. wonderful. please do a round 2 and include an impressionist – I could see a Van Gough 🙂

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  145. Beto Persi on said:

    Como arte, é aceitável, mas para comer dever ser muito sem graça…arrrgghhhh

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  150. Just spent a lovely hour working out who all the artists are… May not be an A+ art student, but am definitely an art lover… Very impressed! And now I’ve learnt something today 🙂

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  153. Reblogged this on Binghamton ARTH Association and commented:
    As previously aforementioned, here at Binghamton Art History Association we’re about bringing you a taste of everything awesome. Speaking of taste, perhaps you should consider a look at this very cool project by Low-Commitment Projects dubbed Sandwich Artist. Who says modern art is unrelatable clearly they didn’t see this project, everyone plays with their food or at least appreciates a good sandwich every now and then. For more info on low-commitment projects click the link.

  154. Love the Mondrian – I teach kids how to paint in that style so i will pair the lesson with the sandwich – thanks for the inpiration.

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  158. Rebecca Scheer on said:

    Thank you for making art that brings joy and wonder to the everyday. I love you.

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  163. I’ll order le radeau de la méduse de Géricault, please, without ketchup sauce

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  165. Brilliant – Are those for sale?

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  168. Simone Brobeil on said:

    Congratulations! You made it into “Zeitmagazin”, the magazine supplement of Germany´s leading weekly newspaper. I´m proud to have discovered you before them! I love your work (and Tae´s) but so far the sandwiches are my favourite project.

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  173. This totally reminds me of the opening credits in Napoleon Dynamite! Very cool.

  174. I love this too!! Art is art rocks.

  175. ” I love baloney, but I like liverworst.” Sandwich’s look great!

  176. AMAZING! Perfect fusion of food and art!

  177. wonderful sandwich!

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  179. sglickman on said:

    I like the Mondrian Cake here

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  181. elvinakkan on said:

    Reblogged this on Crayons and Bottles.

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  197. TRW on said:

    eat art

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  202. oiseau on said:

    Love your idea about and attitude of “low-commitment”.
    The fun and creativity often come from unbound minds:)

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