Self Help

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28 thoughts on “Self Help

  1. nice job on your dust cover jackets!

  2. yer so funny! love it!

  3. Lesley on said:


  4. fun work!
    ps, take control by giving up control (is how I would rationalise)

  5. I need a membership to this library…STAT

  6. I loved the last one 🙂 – this project rocks, it’s a really neat idea

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  8. Tonto McClure on said:

    But are you as funny & charming in real life as you are online?

  9. Found out about you guys on ministateofmind, so cool! I started a round the world trip 2 days ago and am in Hong Kong at the moment. My blog is supposed to be a travel blog of sorts, but I started it 6 months ago when I obviously wasn’t travelling and filled it with inspiring stuff just like your projects, so you guys are definitely going up there when I have a non-news day! I love finding art projects and creative people. Thanks.

  10. these really are wonderful, though i doubt they took “little time and energy”. 😉 maybe if i had my kiddos do them…

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  12. Reblogged this on April Louise and commented:
    More accurate titles for self help books. Clever stuff.

  13. Anna Wilson on said:

    So, so funny!! And pretty too.

  14. Carol Razooki on said:

    Are the covers actually covering these books? lol

  15. So clever, love these!

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  17. Donna Santiago on said:

    What is the one book called maybe love me love my issues I can’t find it on Google Barnes and Noble everywhere I look nothing. Thanks

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