Coffee and Milk

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38 thoughts on “Coffee and Milk

  1. thats a lot of milk and coffe! : )

  2. So cool! I’m drinking coffee with milk as I read this too. Thanks for the Monday morning smile!

  3. BW Finley on said:

    This is much more contemporary than Hirst’s dots of paints. Don’t we all depend upon
    a milky coffee to get us through the day? especially on a Monday! You are two artists of
    originality and fun. Thanks.

  4. great post, looks good

  5. Edward Powell on said:

    Like a table sized Post It.

  6. Cool 🙂

  7. Mmm coffee! Nice work!

  8. YAY!!! Finally something from the DIY world I can actually do with the energy at hand! 😉 Thanks for the smile.

  9. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Love it.

  10. Amazing, amazing project. I love this… hope you didn’t have to drink it all when done!

  11. great project and concept…good luck!

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  13. Colleen Keller on said:

    I love the coffee and milk displays – my favorite!

  14. My local cafe is lovely and friendly, but they make awful coffee. This may be a brilliant way to buy their coffee but not drink it!

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  16. this is by far creative way to make a life artful! Thanks for creating such a wonderful project!

  17. every day should be full of creativity and fun little projects- thanks for checking in 😉

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  19. This is the goofiest blog ever. I really love it.

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