Hair Cuts That Rock

Thank you to my jazzerpals at Portland Jazzercise, the employees of Casa Bruno Wines, Jill, and the barista/friends at Courier Coffee Roasters.

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10 thoughts on “Hair Cuts That Rock

  1. Love the Willie Nelson and the Amy Winehouse.

  2. I think I am going to do this to my bathroom mirror!

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  4. maureen on said:

    Wow. I’m an art teacher and i’m discussing the idea of “transformations” with my students. These will be great to share with them (and perhaps we create a few of our own!) when we talk about ways to “transform our identity”. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. I love this. I decided to follow along with your projects and do my own. I’m seeing that the greatest part of this is the creative conversation. I have to find an artist to collaborate with.

  6. Rebecca Scheer on said:

    Beautimous! Hilarimous! Enchantimous!

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