Announcement!  As you might’ve read at the beginning of this year, 2016 was our fifth and final year of Low-Commitment Projects.  We started this scheme to share our projects and spark ideas by working in a quick and experimental format.  That was successful and fun, but as you can imagine, five years is enough (at least for now).  We would both like to spend time developing some of those ideas into larger, more in-depth pieces:  high-commitment projects, if you will.

Even though you won’t see a fresh new post each Monday morning, we will still use this site to post about our larger projects, collaborations, and in-progress works.  Hope you stay in touch!

 Thank you thank you thank you for your continuing support!!!  


Tae Kitakata and Brittany Powell Powell Parich

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3 thoughts on “Notice!

  1. I’ll miss these, but wish you luck with your future projects!

  2. Skramer on said:

    Happy happy new year Brittany and Tae! Wishing you both all best in 2017. Thanks for keeping up with your (not) low commitment for 5 whole years and of course looking forward to seeing your dynamic ideas in future.


  3. I loved when I would see an announcement of a new post. It made my day a bit brighter.
    Thank you for all that you posted in the past and I look forward to whatever you will post in the future. Please keep us informed on where your work can be viewed outside of the web.

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